About Us


Indochina's unit has many years of tradition and experience in the following areas:

Production fan, square wooden pipes - round and mechanical industrial equipment and consumer products.
Design - Installation of flue systems, toxic gas, ventilation, vacuum cleaner, cooling buildings.
Environmental Remediation in all industries and civil.
After many years of growth and development, today Indochina has a separate manufacturing plant on wide area, with a team of engineers and skilled workers, equipped with many advanced technology equipment and Modern intensive in design consultant for environmental treatment system.

Simultaneously, Indochina was officially standardized the basic specifications of the product. The products of Indochina was very good applications in many different industries such as drying and processing of agricultural products, leather, woodworking, vacuum cleaners, toxic smoke, odor, ventilation and waste treatment systems bare,….

With the motto: never stop learning, gaining experience and ongoing investment, innovation, application of modern technology to increasingly satisfy customer requirements:

Diversity, rich in types and sizes, ...
Maximum cost savings of time and money.
Reliability of the highest equipment
Operating system simplest devices, cost time and money is the least.
Ensure time providing equipment, repairing and providing spare parts maintenance, maintenance fastest.
In the spirit of customer service enthusiastic, full of responsibility, we have and will give customers satisfaction and trust with the most effective solutions in the fields above.

Very pleased to serve the customers at home and abroad!